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On Time Delivery is the Best Attribute of Successful Builder

Leading Builder in Chennai

Timing is everything. This is absolutely true when you considering in purchasing a new luxury home. Successful time management is very important in construction. Simply being in real estate business for a long period of time is not necessary, the reputed builder should have earned goodwill and trust of customers. Keeping promises on time delivery, […]

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First Time Home Buyer Tips 2

Leading Builders in Chennai

Earthquakes constitute one of the greatest hazards of life and property on the earth. Since the major impact of earthquake is seen on the buildings hence it is important to know whether that the buildings meet seismic codes requirements to ensure safety of the people living in them. Therefore the structures need to be suitably […]

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Enjoy the High Life at Stepsstone Harisri

Owning an apartment in Chennai has been every individual’s ever cherished dream. Host to some of the best educational facilities in the country, the city with its pleasant climate and cosmopolitan outlook has always drawn a lot of people looking for jobs or seeking quality educational options. Chennai has been one of the cities to have benefited […]

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Relaxation & Luxury Living in Chennai

Stepsstone provide luxury apartment in Chennai that adds a new dimension to living lifestyle, provides for some of the most compelling eco-friendly features that enhance the quality of living. We provide you the environment where you will get to live in harmony with nature in an eco-friendly community setting that blends luxury and green living […]

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Quality Living Home in Chennai

The Stepsstone brings with luxury living in Chennai. Stepsstone in Chennai has many completed and upcoming projects offering luxury apartments in some of the best localities in Chennai. While our projects go by different names, the one thing that remains consistent is the name and the promise of a lifestyle that comes with it. Every […]

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Home is your private sanctuary

Let the rainbow inspire you to decorate it! You have a beautiful home complete with beautiful furniture and beautiful everything… but when you look at the walls; something seems amiss! Ever thought of getting creative with the walls in your house? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? So let’s get started! Getting the palette ready Creating […]

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Tips for Cooling your Home this Summer

Keep your body and mind cool this blazing summer but don’t forget to make your home summer ready too! The summer brings with it sweat, grime, power cuts and worse still many water/air borne illnesses that get passed around from person to person like summer specials. So while most people ensure to remember they incorporate […]

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