Think Smarter! Live Smarter! Be Smarter!

Buying your first property is a big step. It takes a lot of preparation when you are at this stage of your life.Purchasing your dream home takes years of hard-earned financials and an important life decision. Buying property is not all that supremely easy because of the many pitfalls involved in the process. You need to think about the appreciation value, the investment benefits, the legal hassles, the builder repute, home loan approvals and all that jazz. It is therefore essential for prospective home buyers to keep in mind certain aspects of the home they wish to buy.

Buying an apartment in Chennai is a dream for many youngsters today, as Chennai is a fast growing city and a hub for all people, young and old. It all begin with the IT revolution when major companies recognized Chennai as a fertile ground where they could set up the base. So here is the checklist for you that will come in handy while you buy your dream home.

List down all your necessity

Begin with making a list of all the conveniences you require, and the features of your ideal home. If you have kids and you want to live in an area with schools nearby, with a secure environment so that you don’t have to worry about safety, and with the daily needs within walking distance for complete convenience.

Location Is Important

Location is another key factor to consider before making a decision. It is always cautious to buy in a high-growth area where there is potential for growth and subsequent capital gains. Also look at the connectivity to business areas, proximity to educational institutions, malls and hospitals in mind. At the same time, the location should be suited to your personal needs and budget.

Size of the Apartment

Also, understand your requirements in terms of apartment size. Always ensure that the size of the apartment meets your present needs and the future demands. Consider the size of your family and make sure your apartment meets the space demands.

Amenities and Utilities

The amenities offered in the apartment must be considered carefully.They make the living place special and striking. The apartment should provide at least basic amenities such as fire alarms, garbage chute system, parking, lifts, power backup, etc. Other than this, you should also analysis what kind of recreational amenities such as swimming pool, park, children’s play area, Gym, etc.

Know Your Builder

Before deciding to do a bit of research on the builder’s reputation. Check out their previous projects and go through the customer feedback to get a better understanding. Be sure that they provide the apartment at the promised possession date, along with the required documents.

Compare the Price Of Property

Pricing for the apartment is an important thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing an apartment. You can look at several apartments and consider their pros & cons. You must look for the best flat at the best pricing. While comparing the prices, you must also compare the facilities and amenities.

Always think Smart and be smart before buying an apartment that you’d be proud to call home. Do some homework before you make a final decision to take the keys in your hand. Make your arrival at your new home an absolutely happy and auspicious one.

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