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Why StepsStone?

We are a young and dynamic team in the mission of fulfilling the dreams of middle income families.  We design affordable homes for the first time home buyers who are in rental and who want to buy their first home to create a shelter for their own living.

We strongly believe that location is everything.  So we take care on selecting the location which in turn will get a good rental return and appreciation already proven in our completed projects.  The property which the Customers buy not only fulfills their dreams but also add an asset to their future generation.

Since the Chairman from middle income family he knows the pain of middle income family being a first time home buyer with huge expectations. He precisely understands the requirement of first time home buyer and design the project to accommodate their expectations.  So we always are reachable and do customization fulfilling their dream to which no escalation costs are charged. We always work towards creating value to the customer’s money.

As transparency is the key factor in real estate we are always transparent in documentation sharing the all-inclusive price in the area statement.  Apart from selling properties to Customers we do help them to identify and support them with the best financial banks understanding the financial background of the Customers and guide them accordingly.  As the Chairman do service as a property coach, his guidance helps to accommodate to the fullest benefits. All our projects are majorly approved by all banks and we help the Customers in getting the subsidy under the PMAY scheme.

All our transactions are in peace and tranquility make them to become Happy Customers.

What we do

We develop CMDA/DTCP approved Plots, Apartments, Villas, Recreation Homes, Retirement Homes and Commercial building/complex.

Plots, Apartments, Villas – We develop plots ranging from 600 sq.ft. to 2400 sq.ft. in and around Chennai.  Apartments 1/2/3 BHK of area ranging from 500 sq.ft. to 2000 sq.ft. Independent villas and Semi-independent villas ranging from 1250sq.ft. to 5000 sq.ft. at a very competitive price.

Recreation Homes – In ECR and hill areas of Tamil Nadu like Ooty & Kodaikanal.

Retirement Homes – Apartments & Villas in Chennai and Coimbatore from 1 BHK Cottage villas to Premium villas of area ranging from 500 sq.ft. to 1500 sq.ft.

Commercial building /complex – We develop commercial properties in Chennai city.  We also help the Landowner to lease out for the rental benefit.

How we do


We have strong Research & Development team to identify the property in good location with potential growth.  Also identify whether the location have good infrastructure facilities or any future infrastructure facilities, connectivity and future appreciation.

Legal & Liasoning vetting:

Our legal department will check the originality of documents or sanctity or any future acquisition nearing the location and then forward to Liasoning department where they will study the swot analysis of the project verifying the feasibility of the plan approval along with architect.


Our Architect team will design the perfect building plan based on the requirement of the location and verify for the approval.


Once the plan got approved our Civil team will undergo soil test and water test and construct as per ISI standards.


After the Civil team completed the project it will be handed over to Customer Support team.  They will inspect, prepare the snag list, attend it and get the utilities such as EB, Property tax, drainage, water tax.  Finally it will be handed over to Customer uncompromising the quality that has been committed.