In India, the resale property market is playing as active a role as the new property market, because of price factors and guaranteed possession of the property. However, buying a resale home is an expensive affair and a small mistake or oversight can lead to a huge loss. Before investing our hard-earned money into resale housing, let us understand the ten most important things that need to be verified while buying a resale property.


Verify original title documents in the name of the present owner starting from the sale deed to any deed which belongs to the property. It is important to verify the mother documents of the property for the last 30 years to ascertain the correct flow of title. Cross-verify whether the Patta, Chitta, and Adangal documents are in the name of the present owner.


After getting the complete set of documents about the property, apply for an encumbrance certificate from the sub-registrars office.

The encumbrance certificate contains the details of all the transactions that happened to date for a particular property. Encumbrance means the monetary and legal liabilities associated with a property. It confirms whether the owner has the property title in his name and also reflects the litigation attached to the property. It is advisable to cross-verify EC for the last 40 to 50 years.


It is always advisable to get a legal opinion from a property lawyer. The property lawyer will clarify whether there is any case pending against the property in any court. He will check the authenticity of the property documents such as the sale deed, mother deed, patta, Chitta, layout or building plan, tax receipts, etc. The property lawyer will also help clarify whether there will be any future acquisitions for government projects.


Before buying verify whether the property seller has taken a loan to acquire the property. If he has taken a loan, be sure that the property owner settled the bank loan and received no dues certificate from the concerned bank. Buy the property only after checking the no-dues certificate from the concerned bank.


When a bank lends funds for a property purchase it will execute a mortgage deed in favor of the bank. It’s a declaration that the borrower has deposited the title documents with the bank, willingly to secure finance. It is common to find that many sellers after paying back the loan, forgot to cancel the mortgage deed. Before buying a property make sure that the mortgage deed has been canceled and the property is ready for conveyance.


Before buying a property, verify whether the land and building are approved by the concerned authorities

  • CMDA
  • DTCP
  • Local body


The buyer needs to verify whether the property seller has paid all the government taxes and bills up to date without any pending arrears. Ensure he has paid all the taxes such as property tax. Water tax, drainage tax, electricity bills, and deposits are up to date. The buyer should ask the seller for the latest original tax-paid receipts and bills to check the details of the owner’s name, and the date of payment on the receipts which will be required at the time of name transfer. If the buyer fails to verify the above taxes and bills he may end up paying the arrears at the time of name transfer because of ignorance.


A buyer needs to assess the construction quality and age of the property before buying. It helps the buyer not to get trapped by the lower prices of a resale property. It is always advisable to hire a licensed property valuer to inspect the property and get certification about the quality of the building.


Most buyers verify the title of the property in the registrar’s office but tend to miss the revenue records. It is equally important to verify the revenue records. Revenue records consist of Patta, Chitta, and Adangal. Buyer can verify the revenue records at the tahsildar office while verifying and cross-checking whether the revenue taxes have been paid up to date and the current owner’s name.


If the resale property is under any society or association, it is a must for a buyer to get a NOC from the association stating that there are no pending dues to the society or association in terms of maintenance costs or annual fees. If not, the buyer will end up paying the dues of the current property owner. The NOC is more important in deals related to Co-operative Housing Societies(CHS) .


From the above, we come to know the key things to be verified before buying a property. There are so many factors to be considered so it is easy to switch to buying a new property. We StepsStone move one step ahead and come up with futuristic homes called ANANS everything is accessible through Remote and  Alexa enabled which is located in the IT hub of Chennai – Perungudi.


Thirumazhisai is one of the temple cities located in the Suburb of Chennai in the Thiruvallur district. Now it has become one of the Hotspots of Chennai because of the outer ring road connecting all main parts of the city and connecting Bangalore highway too. Thirumazhisai has been in the spotlight because of the 454 acres Satellite township by the Tamilnadu government which will be launching soon. Township includes plots, villas, and residential apartments in collaboration with Corporate Builders.




The most important thing the investor seeks is Transportation. Transportation is important in day-to-day life. It’s a symbol of status. It’s a way of defining who you are. It’s a way of connecting to the outside world. It is easy to commute in Thirumazhisai because of the outer ring road connecting all parts of the town with minimal time. With Metro coming up it makes it even easier to commute connecting to Chennai central and Airport. 24/7 the mofussil busses are also available till Chengalpet, CMBT, Broadway, and Thiruvallur. The new Koyambedu bus terminus also going to take place in Thirumazhisai.

Thirumazhisai roads connectivity

  1. WATER

It is a well-recognized fact that water is a necessary factor in all forms of life. It is also known that water is an essential asset when it comes to making a profit in real estate. Water is as important as electricity and any other utilities in sustaining the property. The property you have may have received a great deal of attention initially, but its maintenance is what will be noticed by potential buyers or renters. A property with a clean and working water supply will always fetch a better price than a property with no access to water. Clean groundwater in Thirumazhisai makes even more investors concentrate on this location. The main source of water supply is from Chembarabakkam and Cholavaram reservoirs.

Water facility in thirumazhisai


Amenities play a huge role in investments. If a city has enough amenities for the residents, it brings about such a sense of satisfaction and happiness that people tend to pay more for real estate. The amenities will also attract newcomers. If someone from a smaller city, who is more comfortable in his surroundings and doesn’t want to move to a large, bustling city, is seeking a new home, amenities will be one of the major factors in deciding where he should move to. Nearby there are so many Restaurants, shopping malls, Grocery Shops, and Supermarkets Thirumazhisai makes it easier for investors.

Thirumazhisai plots and water in thirumazhisaiai


Schools and transportation are the two most important indicators of plot value. If you are thinking of investing, it is important to know how well the schools in the area do. A good school district will increase the value of your investment, and it may help you sell the home faster than others in the area. It is also helpful to find out how well-connected the area is to major roadways. If the area is well connected, it leads to more activity in the area. Chennai Public School is the best residential school in Thirumazhisai. They offer top international and boarding educational services to students from KG to 12th grade. Along with this school, there are also 3 Government high schools.

Schools in Thirumazhisai


Soon after the Schools, investors would certainly want their Kiths and Kins to get into colleges. So does Thirumazhisai brings you the top Engineering and Medical colleges in the nearby proximity because of the outer ring road makes it convenient to travel to their colleges within time. Panimalar medical college and Alpha engineering colleges are located very nearby Thirumazhisai, followed by 1 Government college and 4 other Engineering colleges and many institutes for simple courses and coaching classes.

Collges in thiryumazhisai


One of the most important considerations while investing is Hospitals. In times of emergency, it would be highly beneficial to have a hospital nearby. So that you can be assured of good medical assistance in times of need. It would be highly beneficial to have a hospital nearby so that you can be assured of good medical assistance in times of need to provide that medical assistance Panimalar and Saveetha hospitals in Thirumazhisai make it easier in case of any emergencies.

Hospitals in Thirumazhisai


No matter which industry you are in, your investment should be near to your company. If you are the head of the company, then it is very likely that you will have to visit the headquarter. If you are not living nearby, you will have to travel a lot, which will cost you a lot of time, effort and money. If your company has a lot of clients, it is also good if you are living nearby as you will not have to travel much for meeting them. One of the world-famous manufacturing unit of Coca-Cola is located in Thirumazhisai which has created many job openings for the people nearby. There are also other industries like Lotte Chocopie,Impetus industries …. Etc and also some Export companies are also located.

Industries in Thirumazhisai

  1. IT and ITES

It is always recommended to have your company in a better location where you invest. There are so many IT and ITEs in and around Chennai. Thirumazhisai makes any impact to reach that company with ease of timing that the outer ring road is connecting to all the main IT companies. Third Tidel park which is located in Pattabiram is just 15 mins away from Thirumazhisai, which makes IT employees can invest blindly for the best returns in future years.Other companies like Doosan,Hyundai,Johnson lifts,DLF and more……

It and TES Company in thirumazhisai


Entertainment Zone cannot be more than a kilometer far from your investment area as it becomes a place that is too far away to visit every time you want to purchase something. There are also Spas, Bazars, Restaurants and Parks. You can also take a walk towards Thiruvallur high road with lush green agriculture on both side of the road which you can get fresh air.PVR Cinemas, Queensland,Cokhi Dhani and Madras motor racing also located nearby Thirumazhisai.

Entertainment zones in thirumazhisai


One of the unique considerations of the investors is Spiritual well being within the zone. Thirumazhisai makes its happen with 3 Temples in that location where Azhvars and kings lived before 1000 years . Othandeeswarar Temple, Arulmigu Jagannatha preumal and Arulmigu Veetura Perumal temple along with Churches and Mosques in that location.

Temp[les in Thirumazhisai


From the above reason, we come to the conclusion that Thirumazhisai is a better place to invest and get high returns for the future. Where to invest? You are at the right place , Stepsstone offers Residential Villa plots at just 28 Lakhs just behind Chennai Public School. Plot ranges between 865 -1647 Sqft. With gated community and Black top roads.